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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Gut Health Secrets Talk February 13th 6.30pm @ The Healthful Pantry with Cody Kennedy from CK Health

WHATS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? It seems like everyone is talking about gut health, taking this probiotic or singing the praises of that fermented food. BUT what does good gut health actually look like? If everything is on the inside, how can we know we’re doing the right thing by our gut? During this FREE presentation Naturopath Cody Kennedy […]

Why Choose The Healthful Pantry for your healthy whole food purchases?

You want healthy organic whole foods for you and your family, and you want a whole lotta bang-for-your-buck, right? Well, guess what? We reckon we’ve got all your bases covered. Shop with The Healthful Pantry, and you’ll get: Freshness It’s a no-brainer, friends – fresh fare tastes better and packs a more potent nutritional punch. […]